Tattoo and Reiki Procedures


When a client desires a tattoo, we typically schedule a consultation appointment with a tattoo artist.  During that appointment the artist and the client will discuss what the client has in mind for their tattoo.  It is helpful if the client brings any pictures or drawings of what they want with them.

After the consultation, the tattoo artist will schedule an appointment for the tattoo.  At the time the appointment is made we will collect a $50 deposit.  This is necessary so that your artist can prepare the drawing of your tattoo and produce the needed stencil.

When you come back in for your second appointment you will review the artwork your artist has prepared and make any last minute changes.  Your tattoo will then be applied.  At the end of the session you will receive information on how to care for your tattoo.


Your Reiki session will begin with you completing a client intake form.  That will allow your Reiki Master healer to better understand your needs. The Reiki room contains a massage table, low lighting including a salt lamp, special aroma therapy mixtures are used and appropriate music is playing.

Your session will include a scan of your body followed by Reiki healing.  We employ a "no touch" form of Usui Reiki.  This means that we will not touch your body at any time during the Reiki session.  However, with your permission, we will place our hands on your head, neck, shoulders and feet at the beginning and end of the session to help you relax and to focus the healing energy back from your feet to your brain.

The main purpose of Reiki sessions is to cleanse and align your Chakra points and to provide stress relief and to provide healing energy to your mind and your body,.